Tips on Preventing Drain Blockage

Tips on Preventing Drain Blockage

There are few things as annoying as blocked drains. A blocked drain is the cause of big hassles and inconvenience, and it can eventually leave a tub or sink a smelly, stuffed up mess. Leaks, bad odors and flooding derive from clogged drains, all of which can leave property damage that can run into the thousands.

If you have a clogged up drain, you’ll want to have it attended to right away. However, it is far easier to just take preventative measures to ensure that there is the smallest possibility of it ever occurring. Let’s take a closer look at some helpful tips to prevent drain blockage:

Never put anything else down the sink
The only things that should go down your sink is water, and some light soap residue, toothpaste and the like. Lotions, coffee grounds, oil and any other liquids or creams will inevitably build up and clog the pipes.

Clean out the drain
Even if you don’t detect a clog, take this measure and clean out the drain as a preventative step. Soap and other residues can build up over time, like any residential plumbing service will undoubtedly be able to inform you.

Cover it up
A simple drain cover can go such a long way to keep clog out of your drains. Food particles, hair and even bits of string can contribute to a clogged drain, but with a drain screen, it can help catch these annoyances and keep them out of your drain.

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