What to do When Your Geyser Bursts?

What to do When Your Geyser Bursts?

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Cost notwithstanding, one of the most horrendous events in any home is a burst geyser. First, you have that ominous droning emitted from somewhere above and whilst you fear that the aliens are landing, the insidious dripping of incessant pressure comes to your awareness and then as you realise that something just might be amiss, the ceiling collapses right above you and you are deluged by a greyish, foul feeling liquid which you finally realise is the geyser which you installed only a short while ago.

On searching for the invoice you finally awaken to the fact that it was 5 years ago that it was installed and that wear and tear caused its demise- not a vengeful sprite. The only outcome of this scenario is to call Maverick Plumbers and ask for a speedy rescue. We are the leading commercial and residential plumbers in Durban, with a firmly established reputation and an enviable commitment to quality, excellence and best value for money.

We specialise in maintenance to prevent the need of major repairs but, if your plumbing system has let you down at the most inopportune time, we rush to your rescue to do expert, emergency plumbing in the shortest time possible. We are the kings of crisis and can transform a bad situation to plumbing perfection in under 24 hours. Because we cater for emergencies, we are at your services all day and night because disaster in the pipes can strike anytime!

We have a team of the best qualified, most adept and well equipped plumbers in Durban and we are very keen to show you our talents. Remember when yr pipes need work, call us instantly!